Dealing with LGBT Bias and Bigotry

As progressive as the US has become, the ugly reality of bigotry continues to loom over the heads of the LGBT community. From hate crimes to negative comments, everyday life can feel like a landmine. Dealing with bigots and biased people is exhausting and downright scary at times. As inexcusable as it is, there are ways to deal with these people that deflate the hate without going toe-to-toe and resorting to a physical altercation.

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Attachment Issues

Part 2: Working Through Attachment Issues in Adult Relationships

Our attachment styles are deeply ingrained by the time we reach adulthood. As mentioned in the previous article, attachment style is developed even in utero, and it is fostered throughout our early childhood, often becoming reinforced by family dynamics and peer relationships throughout life. When one has insecure attachments, it impacts most relationships, from co-workers to friends and of course, intimate relationships.

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