A Defensive Attachment Response Self-Perpetuates

When it comes to attachment, there is a rule that seems to apply, regardless of your style; it self-perpetuates. It is similar to Newton’s first law of physics, which we will paraphrase loosely here as ‘an object in motion stays in motion.’ Attachment that is based on distrust and defensiveness is destined to continue along that path until it is intervened upon with behavioral changes and attachment work.

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For the LGBTQ Community, Reaching Out is More Important than Ever

Depression, anxiety, substance use issues, suicidal thoughts; no one should try to deal with these challenges on their own, yet everyday thousands of LGBTQ people are doing that exact thing. Mental health stigma has improved dramatically over the past twenty years, but it still exists. When you combine the mental health stigma and the stigma that prevails in some subsections of culture regarding the LGBTQ population, it is easy to understand why it is so hard to reach out.

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Positive Affirmations and Self-Acceptance

In a world where we are constantly comparing ourselves and our lives to others, a little self-acceptance and positive affirmation can really help. While it may feel like a glorified pep-talk, positive affirmations actually work, and this makes sense when you think about it. When you talk to a friend who gives you good feedback about yourself or helps put things in perspective, it feels great; so naturally when we can do that for ourselves it also works. Who can give us better encouragement and affirmation than ourselves? When we check into our inner thoughts and feelings, we know where the insecurities lie; we know the tender spots in our ego that need love and nurturing.

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