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Counseling Services

We are all subjected to expectations we place on ourselves, including our careers, development, cultural identities, gender identities, and how we manage stress. Whether you are feeling overwhelmed with life’s demands or simply looking for greater personal insight, Teyhou can help you find wellbeing.

Dr. Teyhou Focuses On

Career Burnout

The words stress and work are practically synonymous for many people. Over time, the physical and emotional toll of work stress can be debilitating and may even turn into career burnout. Choosing to work with a professional to address symptoms of career burnout can be a wise option. Talking with a professional counselor or therapist can help you identify specific triggers for anxiety and stress and find ways to cope. Professional counselors can help you create a greater sense of work life balance to keep career burnout at bay.

Life coaching

If you are familiar with self-help and personal growth methods, you may have heard of Life Coaching. In certain situations, Life Coaches can offer just the right kind of help to get people back on track toward their goals. However, quite often the areas in which people feel stuck represent greater underlying challenges with depression, anxiety and self-worth, and these struggles are best addressed with a therapist. Therapists are trained professionals who help people examine many types of challenges and most importantly, assists them in harnessing their strengths to rise above them and thrive.

Relationship Issues

You may have heard of attachment styles before, as more people are learning about it and exploring the ways in which their style affects their life. Attachment begins in utero and is first influenced by our mother’s experiences and stress levels. During infancy and early childhood, attachment is reinforced with the way our needs are met and whether our caregivers offer the love and support we need to feel safe and cared for. All subsequent relationships impact attachment, sometimes reinforcing early messages and at other times, offering new opportunities for attachment learning. 


People in the LGBT community sometimes need the support of a therapist to address challenges like social stigma, family dynamics or internalized judgment. Talking to friends and trusted loved ones is important, but the objectivity and confidentiality of a therapist is unique and valuable. Therapists who specialize in LGBT needs can help sort through the varying challenges that arise and find solutions to reduce stress in everyday life.

Counseling Services

Relationship Issues

Attachment work is important for people of all ages. Dr. Teyhou Smyth can help you identify your attachment style and the way it has impacted your view of self as well as your relationships. With help and guidance, you can learn how to live your life in a more satisfying way and enjoy your relationships. Through evidenced-based practices, Dr. Teyhou Smyth can help you gain clarity about the factors that impacted your attachment style, such as your childhood experiences and subsequent relationships. Best of all, Dr. Teyhou Smyth can guide your healing process and help you make peace with the past, while embracing the type of life you wish to enjoy.

Stress Management

From family obligations and personal commitments to career goals and long-term aspirations, life is full of challenges. Most of us get stressed from things we deal with everyday, like meeting deadlines at work or meeting household responsibilities. Communication barriers with friends and family and even sitting in traffic can cause stress; anyone who regularly commutes through Downtown LA or West Hollywood can certainly relate to that!

Teyhou Smyth and her team are highly skilled at helping people learn effective stress management skills. Once you are able to regain control over your stress levels, you will find greater satisfaction at home and work.

Corporate Burnout

Corporate burnout is a type of work-related stress that can have long-term impacts on your professional success and wellbeing. You may regularly find yourself in a state of physical, mental or emotional exhaustion due to your professional commitments.

Often, these symptoms are compounded by self-doubt. If you find yourself exhausted and questioning your own competency or the value of your work, you may be suffering from corporate burnout. It is important to remember that you’re not alone. About one in five Americans turned to professional counselors for solutions to corporate burnout just last year.

Gender Identity

Sexual orientation and gender identity are important components of your personal sense of self. However, some of us struggle to understand and accept our gender identity. If you do not feel defined by your biological or assigned gender at birth, your thought processes may be ridden with confusion and fear. Living with Finesse works with diverse individuals across the LGBTQ community and helps people achieve a greater sense of self acceptance and validation in asserting their true internal gender.

Life Transitions

Most of us develop a sense of comfort in our daily routines. When unanticipated circumstances arise, sometimes we are forced to break out of our regular comfort zones to deal with them. An unexpected change of plans can be challenging in and of itself. However, these unforeseen transitions are profoundly challenging. Difficult circumstances such as divorce or the loss of a family member can be incredibly difficult to cope.

Anxiety & Depression

Occasionally feeling nervous or anxious is perfectly normal. Most of us feel some level of anxiety even in our day to day lives. However, when these feelings become excessive or persistent, they can have a severe and negative impact on your physical and mental well being.

Emotional Intelligence & Resilience

We all face challenges in life, some more than others. Emotional intelligence addresses our own unique capacity to recognize, understand, and control our reactions to life’s challenges.

Teyhou Smyth and her team are highly skilled and will help you build emotional intelligence and tap into your own personal resilience. As time moves on, and you begin to look further into yourself with your therapist, you can let go of the defense or old survival strategy when the time is right, and not a minute before or a minute after. That is what resilience and EI can give you, a way forward with those old feelings.

By reflecting on your own experience, you will realize this is the only way change happens. With time and reflection, the growth of emotional intelligence and also resilience will be like it was always there for you.