Compassionate Support For The Aspiring Professional



Cognitive Behavioral Therapy:

Much of our lives are shaped by our perspectives and the way we process the world around us. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a form of psychology where mental health is maintained by addressing dysfunctional emotions, behaviors, and thoughts. By correcting our way of thinking, we can achieve greater happiness and personal wellbeing.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the treatment of choice for many mental health professionals because it’s proven to be effective. Teyhou uses this approach to help clients understand the origins of their problems while challenging distorted thinking and giving them the tools to live a more fulfilling life.

Emotion Focused Therapy:

Teyhou’s goal is to help people find mental health and wellbeing through empathetic and therapeutic encounters. As a result, her top priority is ensuring an unconditional positive regard for her clients.

Emotional support is critical, especially as we approach life’s many challenges. Teyhou helps her clients facing self-confidence issues or difficult transitions in life by creating a safe, comfortable environment for their development and increased self awareness.

Teyhou Smyth understands the unique challenges that come with living even the most affluent lifestyles, and she helps clients deal with the high standards and expectations they often impose on themselves.  Also, because Teyhou comes from a multicultural and international background, she has substantial insight into the challenges facing individuals from different cultures and ethnicities. Because she can empathize with the multicultural experience, Teyhou is able to work with a diverse and international clientele.

Relational and Attachment Perspectives:

In one way or another, we are all involved in relationships. Understanding relationships and attachments, including how we cultivate them and manage them in our lives, is key to interpersonal functioning as well as our own mental health.

Teyhou Smyth helps her clients understand their emotional attachments and how they impact psychological resilience. She also helps people learn how to cultivate and maintain mutually affirming relationships, which are integral to creating a healthy and balanced self.