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Soho House: Finding Your Authentic Self and Reaching Your Full Potential

Living With Finesse By Teyhou Smyth

Teyhou Smyth helps people rediscover purpose, find their professional identities, and become more engaged with their careers, families, and daily lives.

For even the most accomplished among us, this often requires training and support from a qualified and compassionate mental healthcare professional. In order to serve this important need, she regularly leads conferences, events, and workshops aimed at personal wellness and professional self-discovery.

Teyhou Smyth Soho House London
Teyhou Smyth

Most recently, Teyhou led the “Finding Your Authentic Self” workshop at the chic Soho House 40 Greek Street in London.

The event focused on facilitating personal development by teaching coping skills aimed at helping people manage their working lives, personal relationships, and self-care.

At the “Finding Your Authentic Self” event, Teyhou led participants through some practical techniques to create boundaries between their working selves and the rest of their personal lives. The goal of doing this is to maintain equilibrium and work/life balance.

Teyhou emphasized a few key points in her presentation that she has uncovered through her experience in cognitive and behavioral therapy. She explained the notion of multi-faceted identities, which includes the possible tension between the professional and the personal identity.

She also shared clinical information on identity and how it is formed, as well as the different roles and identities play throughout our lives. All in all, the role and significance of our personal values are intertwined with our identities, and all of these factors must be balanced for personal wellness to be achievable.

In her professional career, Teyhou Smyth has focused much of her work on assisting her clients in developing clear and balanced personal and professional identities. This includes facilitating a healthy work-life balance by creating boundaries between work and personal personas.

Teyhou works with her clients in strengthening both their professional and personal identities, showing them that these two perspectives can work in tandem rather than conflict.

Overall, creating and enforcing boundaries between work and personal lives helps people better understand who they are both at work and at home. By learning how to better integrate their professional identities into their working lives, everyone at Soho House event left with tools that can help boost their career performance and their personal wellbeing.

Teyhou’s work involves helping people find solutions to several aspects of work-life balance. This includes avoiding performance anxiety and fatigue, coping with high expectations, managing stress, and avoiding burnout. She brings with her an extensive knowledge and skills to cities from London to Los Angeles, so please contact us if you have any interest in hosting or participating in an event with Teyhou.