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Advocacy for pre-licensed therapists: A conversation with LA-CAMFT

LA-CAMFT-Teyhou Smyth

Teyhou’s Work With LA-CAMFT Highlights The Importance of Professional Support

Social support is critical for overall well being. According to medical researchers at the University of Michigan, both social and professional support are critical. Support systems impact your physical health as well as your mental and emotional state. However, support systems are not only critical for your personal wellbeing. Rather, they are key to a successful career as well.

Researchers from Herzing University explain why a support system helps you be successful. For example, supportive colleagues and companies can help workers handle difficult circumstances. They can provide encouragement and help achieve a positive outcome. Professional support systems also help people get motivated and find important career resource.

By forming relationships with others of a like mind, professionals can be propelled to the next level in their careers. The Los Angeles branch of the California Association of Marital and Family Therapists, or “LA-CAMFT” is a professional group of mental health professionals.

The organization provides marital and family therapists working in the Los Angeles area.

They offer networking and informational events, as well as needed professional support for local therapists. By giving mental health professionals an opportunity to connect, LA-CAMFT helps them develop lasting relationships. These relationships help build both career and personal development opportunities for therapists in Southern California.

LA-CAMFT provides both community support and informational resources. Recently, Teyhou Smyth worked with her colleagues to organize a sit-down with advocate and entrepreneur Ben Caldwell. Ben Caldwell created his thinktank – Ben Caldwell Labs – to provide tools for therapists. His work helps mental health professionals become more professionally effective and successful. After all, professionals in mental health must uplift each other in order to achieve excellence.

In his interview with LA-CAMFT, Ben discussed some of the professional challenges facing therapists today. He provided some insight on job interviews, often a critical concern for new professionals.

But of course, there are plenty of other job-related issues that impact therapists. Ben also discussed the more challenging aspects of examinations and licensing, which can be full of pitfalls. He also highlighted some day-to-day concerns of working therapists, including health insurance and compensation. This type of information represents the exact type of support many new professionals need.

LA-CAMFT is working to make mental health professionals more successful. This translates to a healthier, happier community at large. LA-CAMFT is powered by volunteers and employees who come together to make their professional communities stronger. Ultimately, this makes Southern California a healthier and more vibrant place to live.

More and more people are starting to understand the benefits of committing their time to building their professional communities.

Of course, Teyhou Smyth has devoted her career to helping people. And since she often focuses on the needs of professionals and other individuals with pressure to perform, working with LA-CAMFT is a natural evolution of her blossoming career. By working with the LA-CAMFT, Teyhou users her skills and talents for the betterment of her own field.

All in all, Teyhou will continue to commit her career to health and wellness for all. This is especially true for those in her own community.