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Personal vs. Professional Identity Seminar (Law Firms)

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Prominent Senior Barristers’ Clerk, Chair of the Institute of Barristers’ Clerks (IBC) and Mental Health Advocate Relies on Teyhou Smyth’s Publication for Latest Opinion Piece. London, United Kingdom [October 3, 2018]

London, United Kingdom [October 3, 2018] – Contributing Author of “The Independent Bar; Insights into a Unique Business Model” and Wellbeing Advocate,  Nicholas Hill is both a decades-long veteran of working with the U.K. Bar and an outspoken activist for building better emotional health and wellbeing among legal professionals. In a recent blog that Mr. Hill published for Wellbeing at the Bar, he explained that many of his colleagues in the legal field could benefit from taking some well-deserved time off. In doing so, he relied heavily on the blog maintained at Living with Finesse authored by mental health professional Teyhou Smyth.

In order to help remain in the optimal functioning zone, for efficient functioning at work, Mr.  Hill encourages us to create space for our identities in both our home and work environments. Mr. Hill relies on Teyhou Smyth’s publication to explain how we must make a conscious shift between our work-based identities and home-based identities. Work-life balance requires intentional separation in this way, as we must all make time for self-care when managing day-to-day stress.

Teyhou Smyth has extensive experience in providing compassionate, professional support for high-achieving individuals. In addition to her clinical and academic work in the fields of corporate burnout, performance anxiety, stress management, and identity issues, Teyhou regularly holds workshops and private corporate events designed to increase performance by boosting worker wellbeing.

Relying on Ms. Smyth’s work, Mr. Hill explains how practical ways of creating space for the self can be integrated into our daily routines in order to build wellbeing. Teyhou encourages several self-care activities designed to tend to the needs of the stress-affected brain. She encourages us to reduce input, such as by shutting off our devices and creating a peaceful space to process thoughts or by reframing our perspectives on our daily activities.

As a Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist and Registered Associate Professional Clinical Counselor, Teyhou encourages all working professionals to find healthy stress-management techniques that work for them. She has counseled clients on issues related to self-confidence, anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD, addictions, relationships, and life transitions utilizing an emotion-focused and cognitive behavior-based therapeutic approach.