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“New Year, New You” workshop at Sony Pictures Entertainment (“SPE”)

Teyhou Smyth

Customizable Workshops Help Employees Meet Their True Potential

Teyhou Smyth works hard to enrich people’s professional lives and help them become more engaged with their careers. More often than not, this requires training and support. To meet this important goal, she offers customized workshops aimed at building colleague engagement.

Just recently, she and her colleague Alfred Ricci hosted a “New Year, New You” workshop for Sony Pictures Entertainment (“SPE”). The presentation focused on facilitating personal development and emotional intelligence, particularly among SPE employees who are also members of the LGBTQ+ community.

teyhou smyth
Sony Presentation

New Year, New You Workshop Presented to OUT@SPE

American society is evolving, and corporate culture is right there along with it. Companies are realizing that employees contribute more at work when they feel valued. Often, this requires development of emotional intelligence among coworkers. 

This is particularly true when people are members of groups who have been historically stigmatized and oppressed. As a result, progressive companies are building outreach and support programs. Much of Sony Pictures Entertainment’s success is due to the fact that they focus on the people who make the company great. As a business leader, SPE works to build trust and value-based relationships among its teams.

Out@SPE provides resources and support for LGBTQ community and their communities. The “New Year, New You” presentation offered tips and tools for employees working to integrate their personal and professional identities.

Feeling happy and accepted for who you are is a critical part of personal development. This spills over into professional development, since it all revolves around establishing purpose and value.

When employees feel they do not have a purpose, the quality, creativity, and innovation of their work suffers. The Out@SPE workshop encouraged individuals to find purpose at work by sharing their uniqueness. This translates to both higher productivity and overall wellbeing.

Teyhou Smyth
Teyhou Smyth Alfred Ricci New Year New You Workshop at Sony Pictures Entertainment

Engaged Employees Offer Increased Economic Value

An engaged employee is someone who works with passion. These individuals feel a profound connection to their companies, and they want to see them succeed. They are more productive and less likely to be absent or negligent on the job. 

How we perceive ourselves directly influences how we express ourselves.

This directly influences how well we communicate and work with others. Unfortunately, how we feel about ourselves is often heavily influenced by others. For members of the LGBTQ+ community, seeking external acceptance and approval from others can raise limiting personal issues.

We tend to take negative past experiences and internalize them through negative self-talk. The notion that wellbeing comes only with external acceptance is a dangerous and erroneous belief built upon the negative experiences commonly shared by many individuals.  

Only by developing mindfulness and emotional intelligence can we break through these barriers to meet our true potential.

Teyhou Smyth
Sony Pictures Entertainment Workshop

Customizable Workshops Build Employee Engagement

Craving approval from others and other unhealthy thought patterns lead to internal turmoil. This, in turn, affects how we express ourselves and interact with others. As a result, it is critical to resolve internal conflicts before they negatively impact our personal and professional lives.

This is why Teyhou offers workshops like “New Year, New You” and others aimed at breaking through personal barriers that limit people’s work productivity.

Teyhou offers several services aimed at supporting employee engagement and good leadership. She provides tools that help workers manage stress and avoid burnout. She also helps people achieve work life balance by developing positive coping skills and good self care.

Mindfulness and interpersonal skills are critical to the success of any collaborative project, and Teyhou will help the members of your team build these skills. Living with Finesse offers customized workshops designed to meet these goals, so programs can be designed to suit your company’s needs.

The workshop Teyhou put together for Out@SPE was very well received. “So proud of this seminar OUT@SPE put together last Friday,” tweeted Alex Venegas, IT Change Manager at SPE. “Thanks Teyhou Smyth, MFT, MA and Alfred Ricci for a job well done!”